My Daily Roadtrip

When the unbelievable becomes reality

I have lived in Thailand for 6 months now. Well actually, it’s been 6.5 months and yes, I am counting.

6 months!!

I realize that doesn’t sound all that long, but as I talked about briefly in this post, I was never one to dream about or desire living overseas. As I like to tell people, during our 6.5 years of marriage, my husband has said more than once, “Don’t you think it would be so cool to live overseas as a family at some point?” (Yes, I’ve told this before, but I’m telling it again.) And every time, I thought to myself, and would often say out loud, “Nope. I don’t.” Seriously, every time. Sometimes a small freak-out session would also accompany that thought. God definitely began doing a work in my heart last year as Thailand came onto our radar screen as a potential place to move for a season and as time went on, I became increasingly confident that Thailand was where God was leading us. The idea of living overseas still wasn’t a dream that had originated with me, nor was it something that suddenly became my greatest desire. But, because I knew it was how God was leading us as a family, I was able to move forward in the whole process that accompanies making such a  huge move. I was, by God’s grace, able to make the move and have begun to figure out what life here looks like for our family. Some really great things have happened. I am growing in ways I never thought possible and am grateful for. However,

Some days, I want to be somewhere else. I’m not sure where, but not here.

Some days, I refuse to be adventurous or try one more new thing. On these days, I go home when I can’t find my destination instead of trying just one. more. time. I don’t go anywhere where I think I might be inundated with the sights, sounds, or smells of Thai culture.

Some days, I think, “I just cannot do this. I don’t think I’m cut out for overseas living.”

But the emotions and thoughts that come on those days don’t take anything away from the fact that God clearly led us here. The fact that His grace has been enough for all we have encountered. The fact that He is enabling me to do this.

ME, Dawn Fong.

Me, Miss “No, I have never dreamed about nor desired to live overseas, and in fact, the mention of it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position.”

Unbelievable! Except, I’m having to believe it, because it’s now reality.

I’m here to tell you that a life following Jesus can involve crazy things. Crazy things you possibly never wanted to do or experience, places you never wanted to go. But beyond that, He enables us to do these crazy things. He does. I don’t often know how it all works, but He, amazingly, does it.

I’m living proof.


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