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Blogger’s angst

Hey, friends. So … it’s been about 2.5 weeks since I’ve blogged at this site. And yes, I realize that if an international move cannot drum up some fresh material to write about, then I possibly shouldn’t be blogging.

But, even if not actually writing right now, I am thinking about blogging.  Honestly though, I have a case of “blogger’s block.” (like writer’s block, you know?) Or maybe more accurately, “blogger’s angst.” Or maybe, “angst” isn’t quite the right word, but for now I’m going to stay with it …

I love to write. But I don’t know what to write about right now.

Do I write about everyday life here in Thailand and how it’s different from everyday life in America? Maybe, but I really prefer to write about and discuss ideas more than the events of my everyday life.

Do I write about the intense emotions that have come with moving overseas with a family and what it looks to adjust to life in the midst of higher-than-normal stress levels? Whew, I’m not sure you’re quite ready to hear all of that, my friends.

Do I discuss ideas I’ve been thinking about as a result of books, talks, etc. that I’ve recently read and listened to? Hmm, that could be interesting.

Do I not write at all? There are days when I wonder this, and now especially in light of the wildfires once again blazing in Colorado Springs, the area of Colorado we lived previously to moving to Thailand. In case you didn’t follow me a year ago, the Waldo Canyon fire burned within 2 miles of our house, burned down 350 homes in a different section of Colorado Springs, and killed 2 – in fact, the 1-year “anniversary” of that fire will be at the end of June. I know the answer to my concern and heartbreak over it happening again and affecting so many in our former community is not to stop living daily life. But it does make me stop and think about what the most important things in daily life are.

Yep – sounds like a case of blogger’s angst to me. And I haven’t yet been sure what the treatment is for such a condition, so, although not always the wisest choice (but sometimes necessary, I think) in such circumstances, I haven’t done anything.

And there you have it – why I haven’t been writing. I’m currently thinking about some things related to this blog and where I want to go with it, but I don’t know much at this point. What is the point to me telling you this, you ask? I’m just letting you know that I don’t know where this blog is headed, if anywhere. I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging in the near future, if at all. If I do write, I don’t quite know what that writing will include.

Man, I sound like such a downer, don’t I?! 😉 But hey – don’t we all have times of angst in different areas of our lives? Times where we don’t quite know what’s going on and where we’re headed? I don’t think those times are anything to be afraid of unless we ultimately don’t grow or move forward as a result of them.

I’m currently growing in the midst of my angst and will move forward in due time. That is, when I figure out just which direction that movement should be in.


On an interesting, but somewhat random note, I’ve had more readers than lately. However, they are usually coming to read 2 of my most popular posts – How to treat a pregnant woman and Traveling with young kiddos (this one’s popularity is due to Pinterest). It’s always fascinating what I find most interesting to write about versus what people find most interesting to read about here at My Daily Roadtrip!


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