My Daily Roadtrip

Sawatdee kah!

That is, “hello!” from Thailand!

I knew it had been a long time since I last posted, but didn’t realize it has actually been one month to the day. You would think that I had been busy wrapping up life in America (along with being sick and having a sick son our last week in Colorado) and moving to Thailand or something …

Oh wait, I have. 😉

We left Colorado on March 30th – it was sad to leave, but by the day we did, it was time. Amidst the many emotions experienced in those last days, I was mostly relieved to leave. Not because I was glad to leave my friends and life there, but because there comes a time when the details need to be wrapped up and the thinking/praying/planning about leaving needs to end … and you just need to go. And so we did, heading onto the next thing that God has for our family.

But first, we headed to San Francisco for about 4.5 days. Shun-Luoi suggested that we take some time there to rest and take a deep breath before hopping a jet to Asia and it was seriously one of the best ideas the man has ever had (and he has a lot of good ideas!). We spent time with one of Shun-Luoi’s brothers/his family, some good friends of ours who live in the city, and had some great family time. It was refreshing and good for us in so many ways.

Shun-Luoi and our kids in the ocean (our kids' first time!) near San Francisco

Shun-Luoi and our kids in the ocean (our kids’ first time!) near San Francisco

On April 4th, we headed to the San Francisco airport with our 6 checked bags and carry-ons. From there, we boarded our flight to first head to Tokyo, Japan. The flight took just over 11 hours. After a short layover in Tokyo, we flew from on to Bangkok, which took 6 hours. We then had a 7+ hour layover in the Bangkok airport, and first thing in the morning (April 6th, April 5th back in the States), we took the short, 1 hour flight to our new home, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whew – that was a long 30 hours, friends! However, God was so gracious and things went incredibly smoothly. Our kids were traveling rockstars – they were seriously awesome and we were so proud of them!

We’ve now been here for 2 weeks. Sleep schedules have now flipped (another process that went surprisingly smoothly!), we’ve moved into the house we are renting, and so many new experiences have already been had. Overall, we are doing well and adjusting in small ways. Although things have not always been easy, we have much to be thankful for and look forward to what God has for us in this new adventure.

A tuk-tuk, one of the modes of transportation we have been utilizing since moving here

A tuk-tuk, one of the modes of transportation we have been utilizing since moving here

Thanks for rooting for us in the whole process – it has been a delight to have so many people pray for, encourage, and support us throughout the process of getting over here. We are grateful! I look forward to continuing this “roadtrip” now here in Thailand – I hope you’ll stay with me for the ongoing ride!


What kinds of things do you want to hear about from this side of the ocean? I don’t presume to be an expert by any means, but would love to share some of the things you would especially like to hear about – feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions … thanks!


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4 thoughts on “Sawatdee kah!

  1. Tamara on said:

    I would love to know about a day in the life! What the people are like, the foods you eat, how receptive people are to Americans, what you do with kids for fun there (parks??), the spiritual life of the avg Thai person etc… How fun that you are living in a new land! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Recipes!!! 🙂

    • Yikes! It might take awhile until I get to the point of sharing recipes, but I will definitely try! (in the meantime, I’m just trying to figure out how to cut a mango as to get all the “meat” out of the fruit – not easy! ;))

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