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New beginnings and all that comes with them

The last month has been crazy, to say the least. At the end of November, we decided to move into a smaller, furnished, temporary housing situation at the end of December. Because of this, the month of December included going through everything we own and selling/giving away/throwing away a lot of stuff. Throw in celebrating Abigail’s birthday, a weekend trip to Phoenix that for Abigail and me, and celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, and you have … well, I am still sane, but at some points I have wondered. Whew!

And so new things have begun for our family. We moved out of the home we had lived in longer than any one other place in our almost 6 years of marriage. We moved with our 2 small children and high-energy dog into a 500 square-foot cabin. We are making all of the preparations that need to be done in order to leave the country in March (Lord-willing). Leaving something old for something new is something I don’t always do that well. I realized this as I did the final walk-through of the house we had grown to love this past Tuesday. I am pretty sentimental and remember all of the great things about a place/event/etc. and then mourn the loss that comes with leaving it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. After all, we’re human and leaving or losing things that were special to us should evoke some sadness, in my opinion. However, I tend to stay camped out in that place of mourning and remembering rather than also looking ahead to the new thing(s) God is doing. I realized years ago that some people tend to live in the past, only remembering the “good old days,” while others seem to always be looking forward to the next thing/place, no matter where they are or what they are doing. A 3rd set of people tend to live for each day and don’t look back or forward. All 3 have some positives to them, but each also has its set of negatives. Is it really possible, then, to somehow do all 3? To be able to look back and remember, be present in the current things, and look forward with joy and anticipation at the things of the future?

As I walked through our former house, remembering the memories we made and the home it had become for my family, I sensed God challenging me to not only remember and mourn what I was losing, but to really look ahead with joy and anticipation at what He is going to do next in the lives of me and of my family. For someone (I may or may not be talking about myself) who can struggle with the unknowns that come with new things, this is not an easy thing. But wait, it gets even more interesting … I also don’t want to overlook these next 2-3 months before we leave. So, my goals for right now?

1. Remember what God has done in the past  – praise Him for it and mourn the losses that come with leaving (literally and figuratively) that particular place.
2. Fight to be present in the next 2-3 months and look for what God would have for me/us in our current set of circumstances.
3. Look forward to Thailand in anticipation of what He has for us there.

Sounds like a piece of cake to me! (or … not) By God’s grace, it is possible, even if done imperfectly.

On that note, Happy New Year! How do you approach the beginning of a new year? In general, how do you approach old things ending and new things beginning?


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2 thoughts on “New beginnings and all that comes with them

  1. Dawn- Thought of you when I got a post from a healthy food blog I follow. She is leaving tomorrow to travel around the world with her young family for a year and starting a blog about it. I just thought maybe you could relate- Hope things are going well with your packing and getting ready!

    • Amy, sorry for this late response to your comment. Thanks so much for being in touch regarding this family … several ppl have now told me about them/the blog and I have checked it out … wow! What a crazy adventure they’re on – it will be fun to follow them and see how their year goes.

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