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My Daily Roadtrip favorites (yours AND mine)

After blogging for just over a year, I thought it would be interesting to look back over all I’ve written to see not only which posts of mine have gotten the most views, but to also think about which ones were my favorites. I really didn’t know what the top 5 of each would be, but was curious if each list would overlap with the other at all. If you’re new to reading to this blog, these lists will allow you to check out some older posts you may have missed and learn a bit more about me by seeing what I have most enjoyed writing about. If you’ve been following the blog since the beginning (thanks, Mom!), none of this may be new or interesting to you, in which case you can just wait for my next blog post … 😉

Top five most viewed posts on My Daily Roadtrip:

1. How to treat a pregnant woman – It seems I have become an expert on how to treat pregnant women well. 😉 Well, not really, but it is the single post that has been viewed the most of any I’ve written. As of the last few months, this post is viewed almost daily and if you google, “how to treat a pregnant woman,” it will be the first option you are presented with (much to my surprise)! Now, let’s be real here – part of this strange phenomenon has to do with how I titled the post – starting a title with the words “how to” is a good way to get picked up by a search engine like Google, although that’s nothing I think much about when titling my posts. However it’s happening, I am encouraged that people are actually searching how to treat pregnant women and hope the post is helpful in some way to them.

2. Traveling with young kiddos – Via Facebook, I asked my friends for their suggestions regarding how to make traveling with small kids easier, then blogged about those helpful ideas. A friend kindly “pinned’ the post to one of her Pinterest boards, which is why it has seen some high traffic (no pun intended).

3. Unable to cope – my story of postpartum depression –  In this post, I share my very personal story of the postpartum depression I developed after the birth of my first son, Elijah.

4. Making cleaning simpler and safer – This past year, I have begun doing some of my cleaning with E-cloths®. I wrote more about these cloths and why I began using them in this particular post.

5. A non-romanticized look into pregnancy and all that it brings – This began a pregnancy series that I wrote in February and March of this past year. In the post, I set up the series by discussing how pregnancy and all that it entails tends to be much more complex than what is openly discussed. I really wanted to discuss things such as expectations (of both mothers and fathers), postpartum depression, and practical advice on how to bless women in all stages of pregnancy (including the postpartum period), hence the series.

Dawn’s top 5 favorite posts on My Daily Roadtrip:  Looking back at each post I’ve written is a bit like looking at my babies (like I said, it’s a “little bit” like doing so – don’t attempt to take the analogy too far) because each is, in a sense, birthed from a pretty personal place. Some posts are more light-hearted and remain fairly impersonal, while others are intensely personal to me. And what makes one post more “likable” over another? Is it because I really enjoyed the actual writing of it? Because the subject matter was/is near and dear to my heart? Because the post contained a really huge life lesson? Yes … to all of those questions. I chose different posts for different reasons … here they are, in no particular order (because choosing 5 was hard enough!):

1. Scrambled eggs, tears, and a baby on my hip – I wrote this a few days after my last birthday. In the last year plus, I have seen more of  how often I act out of selfish ambition and/or a sense of entitlement. In this post, I describe how both these things reared their ugly heads on my birthday and how, because they did, I was challenged to embrace some big lessons that day.

2. Being married to “Mr. Ideas” – One of the biggest differences that has caused struggle in my and Shun-Luoi’s marriage has been that he is a dreamer and visionary while I am more a “details person.” In this post, I share more about this struggle, how I have been learning to celebrate how my husband is different from me, and how doing so helps us learn how to better work together and love each other well in the midst of our differences.

3. Unable to cope – my story of postpartum depression: Interestingly, this is the only post that makes both “top 5” lists, which just goes to show that just because I loved a certain post does not mean that anyone other than my mom will actually like it. 😉 Since experiencing PPD myself and becoming more educated about it, I have become passionate about sharing my story in hopes other women will be encouraged to do the same. The shame that can come with PPD silences many women and I would like to help reverse that pattern.

4. Beyond friendship 101 – I love being in relationship with other people as well as learning more about doing it well. Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about friendship are shared in this post; they have a lot to do with not assuming we know exactly how to be a good friend, but rather about humility and being willing to learn what our friends truly need from us.

5. Limitations – friend or foe? – In this post, I discuss limitations and my belief that, while American culture says we should let anything hold us back, we should in fact at times embrace our limitations. I share my own (continuing) journey of being content with the limitations brought by motherhood and how it has been imperative for me to figure out what and who I am supposed to be investing my time and energy into as well as who/what I shouldn’t be.

It’s been a fun first year (plus 2 months) of blogging! Thanks to all who have joined me – I look forward to continuing on My Daily Roadtrip with you all …


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