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Wow – last month, I wrote that I was not going to stop blogging and then, well … it seems that I have taken a temporary hiatus from this blog after all.

However, I’m ok with that. In fact, it was refreshing. And now it feels refreshing to be back, whatever “back” may look like.

While I’ve been gone, I’ve enjoyed reading some other blogs; none consistently, but just catching some gems of posts here and there. What gems, you say? I’m glad you asked … 😉

On motherhood: I tend to really enjoy great blog posts on motherhood these days – anything that can help me practically, challenge me, or give me the right perspective on being a mom is greatly appreciated! A few I’ve been especially thankful for lately are:

  • How to Miss a Childhood by the author of the blog, Hands Free Mama.  The author discusses sure-fire ways to miss out on being part of your childrens’ lives by being on your phone, whether it be talking or texting, or emailing, or … you get the picture – we all know that there are a ton of things you can do on your phone, especially if you have a smart phone. Wow – the article is super challenging and convicting … I read it together with Shun-Luoi so that we could discuss ways that we tend to put our technology (not just phones, but also laptops, etc.) before our kids. At one point during the conversation, Shun-Luoi commented that he thought the author should write a follow-up called, “How to Miss your Marriage,” because in the same way it is too easy to miss out on your child’s life because of technology, it is also easy to miss out on really connecting with your spouse. I agree with him – and I may just take his suggestion to heart and write the article myself. 😉
  • There seems to be some good discussion on blogs and across the web about the facts that moms tend to fight about the ways they feel parenting should be done. I always tell people that I thought people had opinions to freely give while we were planning our wedding, but when I got pregnant, I realized that was nothing compared to the opinions (and corresponding passion) that people felt the freedom to give about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting. Whew! This is probably why I am loving seeing some of these articles come out. A few such articles I have enjoyed are The Only Mommy War Worth Waging and Division: What are We Fighting For (from the Birth without Fear blog). I am all for women having educated and passionate opinions (and did I mention educated?), but feel that sometimes the passion behind our opinions makes us miss the forest for the trees. The authors of these articles point out some crucial issues that really should be the ones we ‘fight’ for.
  • And to really get at the heart of being a mom (and really, of being a Christ-follower), these 2 blog posts are helpful. Did I say helpful? I meant they are incredibly challenging, poignant, and should leave you looking at your own heart and asking some hard questions of yourself. Motherhood is Application and The Everyday Question of Motherhood are the 2 posts to which I’m referring – read them. That’s all.

Hmm, I was actually going to mention a few other categories of things I’m reading, but think I’ll leave them for another day as the above list got a bit longer than I had anticipated. I hope even just one of these articles will be a blessing and challenge to you.


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2 thoughts on “The things I read …

  1. Tamara on said:

    Hey Dawn! Thanks so much for this post. I really liked the article about the 10 things for sanity….a little convicting! It would probably help out Mike a bunch too if I start tackling this! Thanks!

    • You are welcome, friend. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I am so glad one of the articles was a challenge to you – here’s to greater sanity for both of us! [enter raising glass in mock toast ;)]

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