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Our ridiculous dog’s bio

Last evening, I read a blog post compliments of The Pioneer Woman to Shun-Luoi … it was hilarious (particularly if you’re a fan of the show Downton Abbey)! After I finished, Shun-Luoi asked me if I ever considered writing more about “this and that” from my everyday life. I have toyed around with the idea, but never pursued it for a variety of reasons. However, as we kept talking, I realized that I tend to write about fairly serious things the majority of the time. I enjoy the topics I have written about thus far and in reality, they are based on “this and that” from my everyday life. But … it’s more of the serious “this and that.” Am I the only one following what I’m talking about here? 😉 Never mind, I might not want to know the answer …

Anyway, I believe Shun-Luoi has a good point. I think I would sometimes enjoy writing about somewhat lighter things. After all, a roadtrip should not only be filled with serious conversation! On the contrary, one of the necessary components of a good roadtrip is, in my opinion, definitely ridiculousness (which incidentally, will come on its own after driving a certain number of hours straight). So today, I will begin lightening up a bit here from time to time.

Ridiculousness and our dog, Asha – yep, those two things definitely go together. Those of you who know me better are probably bracing yourself after reading the introduction to this post along with its title. “our dog’s bio?” you think, “Is she actually going to write her dog’s biography as a blog post?” Well, sort of, would be my answer. Actually, I am going to write her short bio because really, would you want to read a full-length biography of a dog? Neither would I. And honestly, I would not want to write it. So, without further ado, let the ridiculousness commence! I wrote this while considering what I may write if I was doing this for a book Asha may have written, a job she was interviewing for, a conference workshop she was leading … ahem, you get the picture. I know – ridiculous (but fun!).

Asha’s short bio

Asha, formerly known as “Sugar,” is a 15-month old boxer dog. She is fawn colored with white markings (called “flashes”) on her feet, chest, and neck, while appearing to wear a black mask on her face. She has a variety of favorite activities, but topping the list would definitely be playing. She loves to box (seriously – did you know that’s why a boxer is called what it is? Yes, she really does box!) and playing tug of war with a rope, stick, or anything a human may be holding in his/her hand. Aside from playing, she also enjoys a good meal at any time of the day or night. Although she receives her own high-quality dog food (no fillers here!), she has proven to have a wider culinary palate. To satisfy this palate, she is willing to put her paws up on her owners’ kitchen counters, stove, and dining room table in order to eat crackers with peanut butter, baked chicken breast, cereal and milk out of a bowl, and sandwich buns, to name a few. She also very much enjoys an entire plate of brownies should it happen that one was left in a bag that was inadvertently placed on the floor. Beyond these few activities, she enjoys whiling her days away sleeping on her luxurious dog bed, drinking out of the toilet if no fresh water is in her dish, pacing around the house looking for yet more food, and seeking the love of those in closest proximity to her. She loves people and seems to have a deep need to be petted, talked to, and generally loved on often throughout each day. The things she most dislikes include watching her beloved master go to work, watching the deer through the windows or fence only because her family will not let her chase them (for fear she will not come back), and watching others get attention while she gets none. She is good with small children, although she tends to knock over baby girls should she forget (disregard?) they are in her intended path. Despite her mischievous ways, she is sweet, loving, and loyal, proving that she will probably* easily become a valued part of the Fong family. 

Asha, the ridiculous boxer dog

* I say “probably” because we have had her just 3 weeks, in case you think me to be a cold-hearted woman who still hasn’t let her dog into her heart after 15 months of owning her. 😉


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