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Reading in a different light …

Do you need something new and fun to do with your spouse/significant other?

If so, I’ve got just the thing for you (to at least try).

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Begin reading books out loud with each other. Shun-Luoi and I have done this sporadically in our marriage, but it’s an activity that Shun-Luoi has consistently brought up (“Hey, want to start a new book?”) even when I have consistently forgotten about the possibility. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading – in fact, I love it – but I’m a largely visual learner, so it’s easier to actually be reading for myself versus having someone else read to me. Despite that fact, I have really, really grown to enjoy reading books out loud together with Shun-Luoi. I have a lot of fun memories from reading various books during the different times in the life of our family … like the time I was pregnant with Elijah and Shun-Luoi was reading Marley and Me to me while I was soaking in a warm bath. No offense to the book or to Shun-Luoi, but it was late at night and well, I fell asleep. Oops. Or the time Shun-Luoi could not finish reading a portion of the same book and I had to take over because it brought back such emotional memories of when his beloved childhood dog died. Or reading the classic The Secret Garden(as our first book read via the IPad) while on our recent 5th anniversary celebratory trip (it’s a great car activity!) and while we did various household chores in the evenings. Or wanting to quit The Hobbit numerous times because I felt it had an incredibly slow beginning (we didn’t quit, due to Shun-Luoi not letting us … and I’m glad we persevered). You get the picture …

Shun-Luoi and I have laughed together, been sad together, and have gotten altogether wrapped up in the plots of each book we have read out loud with each other. Some we’ve enjoyed more than others, but just about every time we come to the end of a particular book, I feel a bit of sadness. It’s more than the book ending; it’s that particular experience with Shun-Luoi ending. We really have had some really sweet times reading together.

So, what do you think? Yes, it might feel awkward to read out loud, especially if you haven’t done that kind of thing for awhile. And yes, you might sound a tad silly when you’re trying to read certain dialogues – just ask Shun-Luoi about how ridiculous I sounded while trying to speak “Yorkshire” during the reading of The Secret Garden. But who cares? You’re reading (hopefully) with someone who cares deeply about you and who can laugh with you (at you?). And it’s all part of the experience, anyway.

You should try it. Soon.

If you need a book to begin with, I would recommend Marley and Me (btw, the book is way better than the movie). It’s hilarious in many respects, but beyond the humor, it’s an incredibly sweet story of the growth, both literal and figurative, of a family; growth that we can all relate to. Beyond that, the book possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Good books and great experiences with that someone special await you!

I’m curious – do any of you already read out loud with your spouse? What have been some of your favorite books? And if you don’t yet read out loud, but have a great book to recommend, please do so in the comments below. It just may become the next book Shun-Luoi and I read together …


p.s. It has recently come to my attention just how ugly and boring my blog is aesthetically … I’m not sure how I never really noticed it before, other than the fact that, last September when I began this blog, I was itching to write and didn’t really care how the blog looked. I’m so sorry you have had to look at it in its current form! 😉 I am hoping that, with the help of a certain creative husband of mine who happens to design and develop websites in addition to be a photographer, the blog will be much more pleasing to the eye in the very near future.


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5 thoughts on “Reading in a different light …

  1. Jane Eyre. Scarlet Pimpernell. We read one of the Anne of Green Gables books on our honeymoon. Thanks for the nudge.

    • Good suggestions – I think that Scarlet Pimpernell has been proposed by someone else as well, so we may have to go with that one. However, Anne of Green Gables … I love those! That could be fun as well. So many great choices. 🙂 Thx for the suggestions – now get going on your next book with Nathan and let me know what book you decide on!

      • Janice Henry on said:

        I don’t think your blog’s are boring. I love them. Thanks for taking the time to write. It helps me stay connnected.

  2. Ooo what a great reminder. We’re started books aloud but never finished them, but we each love reading aloud to each other – and being read to!! Magazine articles we do read to each other now and then… as well as local travel literature picked up while travelling. But a book… you’ve re-inspired me!!! Marley and Me sounds like a good one to begin with, thank you.

    • Thx for stopping by AND for the comment Lindsey! Yes! Read the books together – I don’t think you’ll regret it. 🙂 Btw, I headed over to your blog to check it out – I love the fresh and calming overall look of it. I appreciated the few articles I had the time to peruse and look forward to reading more!

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