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The ending of a good thing (pregnancy series wrap-up)

Yep. The pregnancy series has come to an end.

We’ve talked about pregnancy beginning and ending differently than expected, surprising things learned and experienced during pregnancy, postpartum depression, bonding with babies, and ways to love and practically support those in both the prenatal and postpartum stages. I realize there was much about pregnancy that was never even mentioned, but I am hoping that over the last month’s posts, some things that are usually not spoken about regarding pregnancy have been brought to light. I am hoping that as a result of some of the topics addressed, some conversations that needed to happen were given the encouragement to be had. I am hoping that, at the very least, permission has been given to admit that pregnancy, giving birth, and becoming a parent is not all easy and joy-filled; that some things are simply not as we thought they would be. Walking around pretending the opposite is true is just not helpful for any of us.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting together this series and having others join me as guest writers for this blog. Thank you to those who shared their personal stories with us and for each comment I got, either publicly or via my private email, about how the series was encouraging and/or challenging to you.

I’d be curious as to what other topics related to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and becoming a parent that you would have liked to hear more about. Please let me know by leaving a comment below or by emailing me at Or maybe you have a comment or a, um, criticism (!) about the series. I want to hear those, too! (seriously, although you may thing I’m crazy, I do want to hear them.)

And for those of you who checked out for the last month because you didn’t want to read this series … welcome back. 😉

our new dog, Asha

As we continue on this “daily roadtrip,” we’ll be talking about a good many things, including how expressing love to your husband sometimes comes in the form of getting a dog (see above). 🙂


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