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On a (somewhat) lighter note …

I realize that the ongoing pregnancy series on this blog has been of a pretty serious nature. While I don’t apologize for that, I thought I would lighten things up for a day before we continue on with postpartum depression-related posts.

Here – first, feast your eyes on this picture …

Telluride, CO

That, my friends, was the type of scenery that Shun-Luoi and I enjoyed while we were gone for 2.5 days in the mountains of Colorado this past week. My parents are out visiting from Wisconsin and graciously watched our kiddos so that we could get away for an early celebration of our 5th anniversary – which is today! We stayed in Ouray, CO, at a great bed and breakfast (and also took an afternoon trip to Telluride, pictured above). We had a ton of uninterrupted talk time, took in the mountain views, went out for meals, soaked in a hot tub, played games, read out-loud to/with each other, took a free gondola over a mountain, and weren’t responsible for any small people … it really was a glorious time!

Yes, we were married on St. Patrick’s Day. When others would hear about the date we had chosen for our wedding, they just knew there had to be some significance or fun reasons behind it … were we Irish? (Um, no. I’m largely Swedish and German and Shun-Luoi is largely Chinese.) Was I going to have my bridesmaids wear green dresses? (Nope.) Would we serve green beer at our reception? (Sorry, no.) The truth of it was that March 17, 2007, was the only day possible on which to have our wedding so that we could go on a honeymoon immediately following it (our honeymoon would happen over my spring break – I was in grad school at the time). And do you know what? At the time, I thought St. Patrick’s Day was a floating holiday. Seriously, I did. And now I know that, no – it’s not a floating holiday. I will always and forever celebrate my anniversary in the midst of our culture celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. (sigh)

Oh, well. It’s really not a big deal, because March 17th will never be about St. Patrick’s Day for me. It will always be about the day I said “yes” to embarking upon a new and great adventure with my best friend.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Shun-Luoi!

photo credit: Hilary Sheppard


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2 thoughts on “On a (somewhat) lighter note …

  1. I’m so jealous. Of the getting-away-from-little-people, I mean. Not that I have anything against Shun-Luoi, I just….hm, stopping.

    We have a ways to go to be really comfortable leaving the kids for a whole weekend. Any tips on how to prepare??

  2. Janice Henry on said:

    I remember that day. It was a beautiful day and so was the bride and groom. The Lord has blessed you two. It has been so much fun to read your articles. You are helping others is what you are writing. Blessings.

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