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A great article on infertility

I alluded to infertility and the pain it causes in one of my earlier posts. However, I realize that, because I have not struggled with it myself, I cannot fully understand what all is involved in the pain of infertility, nor do I have much idea on how to specifically love and encourage those who are experiencing it.

However, while on a friend’s blog, I noticed that she had linked to a particular post written by Brian Nicholson on the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog. It’s an excellent post and really insightful into the struggle of infertility and how we should be coming around couples who are experiencing it. I would highly recommend taking the time to read this post. Nicholson states that 10% of childbearing couples will experience infertility – with that high of a percentage, we probably all know someone who may be struggling in this area (whether they make it known to us or not). I figure we owe it to those people in our lives to learn what we can about the subject.

With that being said, here’s the link: 5 Things Infertile Couples Want Others to Know.


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