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A non-romanticized look into pregnancy and all it brings …

Pregnancy. Understandably, it was a topic that I wasn’t all that interested in learning about before Shun-Luoi and I were pregnant. However, once we were, I “stumbled upon” choosing a midwife for my prenatal care and delivery (I was newer in town and didn’t have time to interview a bunch of practitioners, so I went with the midwife who the majority of my friends were having their babies delivered by). Choosing a midwife opened up a whole new world for me – the pregnancy/delivery mindset I had held up until that time was completely challenged and a ton of topics I had never considered were now being brought to the table (by my midwife and by my childbirth class educator, who was definitely on the more ‘natural’ side of the spectrum when it came to pregnancy and childbirth). And you know what? I loved it. I eagerly dove into considering multiple new topics, controversies (whew … I thought people were opinionated about how your wedding should/shouldn’t be planned, but I found it that it was nothing in comparison to the opinions others had – and would freely share – about pregnancy, childbirth, and related topics), and mindsets. I agreed with some. I disagreed with some. But, all in all, I really came to own the decisions I made about my pregnancy and the way I/we approached our labor and delivery.

If you think I’m about to give you a lecture on how everyone should have their babies delivered naturally and with a midwife, you’re wrong. That’s not what this is about.

Rather, it’s about the fact that pregnancy is such a complex thing that brings many complicated situations and dynamics. It’s about the fact that many times, having a baby isn’t what you expected it to be like. It’s about having things come up in your pregnancy and/or labor that you were completely unprepared for. It’s about the things no one tells you about having a baby that you desperately wished they would would have.

It’s about pregnancy and talking more about the related issues that should be talked about but aren’t. It’s about pregnant women and about coming alongside and caring well for them during a very unique and stressful time of life.

This post begins a series on pregnancy (including labor/delivery and the postpartum period) that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. There will be a post on practical ways to serve and bless pregnant women and those who have just had babies, several on how personal expectations of becoming a mother/father did not match up with reality (one told by a father), several on postpartum depression (including the story of my personal experience with it) and others. All of the things I would love to discuss about this area will not be able to be considered; in fact, I will simply scratch the surface of such related issues. However, my goal in this series is to help us all learn how to love and better serve those women (and men … and families) in this particular stage in their lives and to begin conversations about those things about pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum depression that are kept on the down-low.

Even if you’re not a woman, not currently pregnant, have never been pregnant, or never will be pregnant, I hope you will still stay with us for this series. Chances are, you will or have known a pregnant woman at some point and my hope is that these posts will be helpful to you as well.

So, onward we head into the huge topic of pregnancy and various dynamics of it all. Care to join me?

p.s. Pregnancy and becoming a parent are amazing things, lest I am scaring any of you. 😉 However, there is more to it than meets the eye, and I, for one, would rather discuss some of the undiscussed than pretend certain things aren’t a part of it all …


Photo credit: D. Shun-Luoi Fong (I was 27 weeks along in my pregnancy with Elijah in this picture)


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4 thoughts on “A non-romanticized look into pregnancy and all it brings …

  1. Rebekah Weinrich on said:

    Yay! I will definitely be following this. :).

  2. I am excited to follow these!!!

  3. Katherine Laabs on said:

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts and observations on pregnancy.

  4. Looking forward to the series!

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