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2,250 miles and one (almost) dog later …

Whew! It’s been quite the whirlwind in the lives of the Fongs since I last wrote …

We road-tripped to Iowa. We found a new strategy for traveling long days with young kids (leaving at 3 am! Seriously, it’s not as bad as it sounds.). We road-tripped to northern WI for 5 days. We saw A LOT of people there (which was great!). My kids did amazingly well with all of the changes and people. We celebrated Christmas twice. We road-tripped back to Iowa for 4 days. We celebrated Christmas again. We enjoyed catching up with members of the Fong family. We met our new dog. Shun-Luoi and I (but mostly Shun-Luoi) reacted allergically to something at the Fong house. We wondered if it was our new dog, even though Shun-Luoi, having grown up with dogs, had never been allergic to them in the past. We re-named our dog. We left a day early due to Shun-Luoi feeling miserable. We road-tripped back to Colorado. All in 14 days. I’ll say it again – whew!

But … it doesn’t end there.

We got back with our new dog and Shun-Luoi continued to feel miserable. We debated what to do. We decided on a Saturday morning to give her away and less than 12 hours later, she was given to a wonderful new home (some friends of ours who were looking for a breed-blend like hers!) Coincidence? I instead like to call it a ‘God thing.’ We are now dog-less (and are doing ok with it).

We welcomed 2012 and look forward to all that will come with the new year.

Merry belated Christmas!

Happy belated New Years!

I look forward to continuing this roadtrip into 2012 …


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2 thoughts on “2,250 miles and one (almost) dog later …

  1. I bet we could have waved to each other along I-80! It was a major adventure for us doing this trip with the two kids too. Next time I hope we can see each other!

    • Naomi, I was sorry to have missed seeing you and hearing your/Nathan’s concert out here. I too hope we can run into each other at some point! Happy New Year!

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