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Delighting in life

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend regarding the fact that, many times, we really don’t know how to truly delight in things. She and I discussed that, in certain other cultures, meals are long affairs in which the people thoroughly enjoy their food and company. This is just one small example of what I’m talking about, but I think you get the point. We are often so worried about wasting time, thinking about the next thing, or simply living out of a sense of obligation, that we don’t slow down and simply delight … in a meal, in another person, in an activity. And if we do, for once, allow ourselves to do such a thing, we then feel guilty because of other things we ‘should have’ been doing or because we shouldn’t be enjoying such ‘frivolous’ things such as good food, a smooth glass of wine, or a great book.

A few days after that conversation, our dear friends, Matthew and Briana, flew in from San Francisco to hang out in our area for the weekend. The first night they were here, Shun-Luoi and I dropped our kids off with some friends, and the 4 of us headed to a local fondue restaurant, where we feasted and talked for, get this – THREE AND A HALF HOURS.

How many of you just thought things such as, “Seriously? Who takes that long to eat?” or “What a waste of time!” or “Do you know how much you could have gotten done in that amount of time?!”

Despite what you may think, it was … awesome. I loved being able to take that amount of time and really taste the food and delight in its goodness, as well as getting to sit and catch up with some good friends. After that evening, I thought to myself, “Yes! This is what my friend was talking about. Delight.” We are so busy getting caught up into doing the should-haves, ought-to’s, the things that we have decided are ‘important,’ and doing as much as we possibly can in a day that we are missing out in the beautiful things God gave us to enjoy. I think we should remedy that.

I think we should do it this weekend.

Who’s with me? I challenge you to stop long enough to truly delight in something or someone in the next few days. And then make it a habit to do so each day. Enjoy!


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