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Being inspired

There are certain things and/or people that inspire me and I am so grateful for that. As time goes on, I want to share with you who some of those people and things are for me and I would also love to hear about those who inspire you as well.

I came across this blog post on Pinterest. It’s a blog post about a woman and how she spent her 38th birthday … basically, she and her family spent that day doing 38 different random acts of kindness for people throughout the day. I love it! They did things like feeding peoples’ parking meters, bringing hot donuts and coffee to people whose jobs required them to work outside on that cold day, buy a giftcard for groceries, then turn around and immediately give it to the woman behind them in line, return peoples’ shopping carts from the parking lot at a grocery store, and the list goes on and on.

Read the full blog post here.

I am inspired how she took a day where we usually focus on ourselves and focused on others. I love it because the fact that it was a cold and windy day out did not deter them – they blessed others even when it cost them their comfort (as well as their money, time, and other resources). I love that her husband, kids, and mother/father-in-law joined her and that they did it together. I love how she had thought out such a diverse group of ways in which to accomplish her goal, but that she was still flexible to be presented additional needs she hadn’t thought of as her day went on. I am inspired that she met some very practical needs, but then also did some things that were not necessarily practical, but just plain fun. And lastly, I love how she went way above and beyond – she and her family were extravagant and incredibly generous in the way they lavished their love on people (although I don’t believe money has to be spent to this extent to be randomly kind, but I do love that it’s one way they chose to bless others). Yes!

Please – take the 5 minutes it will take to read this blog post. I almost guarantee you will be inspired. Then, get out and do something random for someone – I want to be the kind of person who extravagantly and generously loves on others. Don’t you?


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2 thoughts on “Being inspired

  1. L Olson on said:

    Wow, that is wonderful! What a great example for her kids too. Too often kids are caught up in the “me” and “mine” aspect of birthdays – that’s it’s all about them and getting attention and gifts. This is such a selfless way to celebrate one’s birthday (and celebrate spreading joy to others in the process).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. D Allen on said:

    I enjoyed every minute of reading the RAOK story. I was so blessed reading it. I needed a kleenex! What a wonderful way to celebrate one’s birthday! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a lovely day, Dawn!! Blessings, Debbie

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