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The ‘thankful tree’

If  you’ve been hanging around Pinterest at all these days, I’m sure you’ve seen this particular Thanksgiving idea. I’m also sure that you’ve spent more time browsing the site than you want to admit, right?

I may or may not have done the same.

However, that and Pinterest as a whole is another blog post topic for another day …

Ahem, but back to the original subject on this post – the thankful tree! The idea comes from this blog and I love the idea for many different reasons! We have so, so much to be thankful for. And beyond that, we’re called to “give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – wow! It is part of God’s plan for our lives that we are thankful, and not just when things are going well, but always. Whew – that’s a tough one … but one that I believe has the power to transform us and our lives.

This tree is a great way for our family to be remembering what we are thankful for and sharing those things with each other.

It is incredibly easy to make – the only thing I didn’t already have on hand was the ribbon to tie around the top of the jar – the whole spool of it cost me a whopping $1 at Michael’s (look in the post-Halloween stuff – you can find some great stuff for 80% off right now!).

I used an old applesauce jar, then filled it with some ‘earthy-feeling’ items to anchor the tree (brown rice, dried pinto beans, and pine cones Elijah and I have collected from outside). I then tied the simple ribbon around the top of the jar.

I then had Elijah help me cut up some small rectangles of orange, red, and yellow cardstock, punch holes in one end, and loop some hemp cord through the hole so we had a way to hang the things we were thankful for on the tree. We do have to coach Elijah a bit for things he is thankful for by asking him questions, but it’s fun to hear what he says. I make up some things for Abigail’s items (I got this idea from a friend – thanks, Dana Sue!) so that she also has some things on the tree (ie. ‘mommy milk,’ ‘being able to crawl around the house,’ and ‘5 teeth to chew food with’).

As an added bonus, the tree adds a splash of Thanksgiving festivity to our house, and I already have ideas on how to make it more Christmas-like once Thanksgiving is over. Yeah!

I hope today finds you (and me) being thankful in all circumstances.





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4 thoughts on “The ‘thankful tree’

  1. dana sue on said:

    yay! It looks so festive, I love it! Thanks for the shout out as well. Good work getting it done and implementing it- what a fun keepsake to see as the years go by.

  2. L Olson on said:

    So cute! I love pinterest too, but have been trying to limit myself – it is way too addicting and you can really get sucked in 🙂

    • Lonni, yes!I totally hear you on the addicting quality of Pinterest … you are right in that it can be yet another time suck for us. I do love the ways I am being inspired to do some things with home decorating, etc. that I don’t have a creative mind for, though. It is so helpful to me!

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