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Spice up your meals!

I don’t know about you, but as I mentioned in previous posts, I love to share as well as get recipes that have been tried and loved by others. There are just times when I get into a “cooking funk” where I almost feel like the kitchen is a foreign place; I have no idea what to make! Usually, all it takes is one great recipe to snap me out of my funk. In case any of you happen to be in a cooking funk, I thought I’d share some of “those” recipes that have the potential to snap you out of it. I hope you find one you enjoy! (I added a few of my own notes where I thought they may be helpful)


Main Dishes

Sides, etc.

You may be wondering – ‘where are the desserts?’ I would be if I was you! However, I found that most of the dessert recipes I most frequently use are not online, so I decided that I would hold off on those and share a few of my favorites in a different post.

Now you have no more excuses for not attempting to get out of your cooking/baking funk … have a great weekend!


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