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Failing at goals

As you may remember, I introduced a video about making 30-day goals in a previous post. The video is a great (and short) one and I would encourage you to check it out you have not done so yet. In that post, I also explained how I am learning that I do better with shorter-term goals, so was trying to make some 30-day goals for myself.

You may also recall that in this post, I shared my goals for the month of October – they were to:

  1. Work at unpacking and organizing things in the house for 15 minutes/day.
  2. Go to bed by 10:30 am.
  3. Eat only one sweet thing/day.

Well, it’s a new month, so I figure it’s time to review how I did with those goals …

  1. FAIL
  2. FAIL
  3. FAIL

“C’mon now, Dawn”, you may be thinking – “it really wasn’t that bad, was it?” I am here to tell you that yes, yes it was. I probably only made it to bed by 10:30 pm on 1/3 of the nights of the month. I regularly ate more than one sweet. The bright spot was that even though I didn’t spend time unpacking for 15 minutes/day, I did accomplish quite a bit in this area, but it just occurred in hour-long chunks on the weekend, rather that during the week. I am seeing that, with the way I am wired, if I don’t meet my goal on one specific day, I will want to just give up for the rest of the month. Sound ridiculous? Yep. But it’s what I struggle with … yuck. Instead of picking myself up and making good on my goal for the rest of the month, I would rather just throw in the towel?? It’s definitely an attitude of, ‘If I can’t do it perfectly, then I’ll just quit.” Ahh, perfectionism. I have a blog post brewing in my mind about that subject … I consider myself a “recovering perfectionist,” and as you can see by the above admissions, I and still (and will forever be) recovering.

And so I failed. But I am going to learn what I can from that month’s experiences, move on, and make some new goals for November. And here they are (starting tomorrow – I got going a few days late …):

  • Eat just one sweet/day. Yes, I’m trying it again – think I’m crazy? Maybe. 😉
  • Spend at least 15 minutes each day praying and reading my Bible.
  • Each day, have our family come up with one thing each of us is thankful for and share them with each other.

How did your October goals go? If you feel like you failed, then learn what you can from it and move on! A new month and potentially new goals await you!

Happy November! Care to share your new goals with the rest of us?


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