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And the winner is …

Thanks to all who took the time to think about and share ways in which you have been or want to be generous. I loved reading your examples and getting some additional ideas for myself and for our family. I apologize for not getting the winner announced this morning as I said I would, but after being gone to a women’s conference for the weekend, this morning was a bit wild with doing some other things that needed to be done.

However, I won’t wait any longer – the winner of the $20 coffee card is …


She shared, ” I have been pondering your post for the last 30 minutes… thanks! :-)

Once the creativity juices start flowing, there are endless ways to be generous! I feel I have lots of room to be more generous towards my husband (doing things that I know specifically bless him: fav meals, clean floors, etc), towards my children (time to read, play, listen, smile) and towards strangers (letting them in front of me when driving, smiling when walking by and random acts of kindness.

What’s so interesting about being generous and giving, is that it does bless those who are on the receiving end, but the big impact is in my hearts. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive – there is a joy that comes from nowhere else than by giving.

(ps. I am going to now go be creative and give an e-cloth® away :-)

In case you’re wondering how the winner was chosen, I numbered the comments according to the order in which they were made, then used a random number generator on line. RuthAnne, I will be getting your giftcard to you within the week – congrats!

I’ll continue to discuss the final few values from my list within the next week or so – I look forward to continuing the discussion with you!


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One thought on “And the winner is …

  1. Whoo hoo!

    And I think I probably will do the the generous thing and pay for the drink of someone else in line when I use my card – that would fall under the “random acts of kindness”

    Thanks Dawn!!!

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