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Give one final great gift! (#7)

It’s the final day of sharing creative gift ideas, and I’ve saved what is probably my favorite idea for last …

Today’s idea is a wedding gift idea, although, as with some of the other gifts I’ve shared – I think it could be easily tweaked for just one person’s birthday, etc. If you have friends who love road-trips, this is your perfect gift.

A roadtrip survival kit!

This gift especially works well if you have 1 or 2 other couples to go in with because you can buy way more items to include in the gift. First, buy a medium-sized cooler and fill it with things you think would be useful for the couple to have with on a roadtrip. Individualize your gifts by really thinking about the couple and what might especially bless them in particular. Things I’ve used include:

  • a book to read out loud to each other
  • fun snacks and drinks
  • a pack of cards
  • CD of personally-selected roadtrip music
  • a frisbee (to throw around when you’ve stopped to stretch your legs)
  • 2 water bottles
  • a small blanket (you can get fun-colored fleece ones pretty cheaply)
  • pack of trivia cards or a fun travel game
  • a small container of hand sanitizer or hand wipes (practical is ok, too!)

Note: make sure everything you buy can fit into the cooler before you buy it all – it’s no good if you get home only to find out you bought things that can’t all make it into the cooler! I tend to wrap each item because it’s fun for the couple to open the cooler and find a large stash of individual presents.

Next, make a sign that says something fun – I usually write something like, “The _________ (ie. Fong) roadtrip survival kit” (you can even draw or add stickers of suitcases and other travel-related drawings) and tape it on the top of the cooler. I never wrap mine, but just curl some ribbon and tape it onto the cooler handle … it keeps it simple.

It’s fun if you go in with others because you each can contribute ideas as to what you think is useful on a roadtrip and even if you only each spend $15-20 (or even less if you have enough of you), you can really get a good amount of things for your cooler. This by far has probably been the most popular of any creative gift I’ve given.

So, there you have it – 7 new gift ideas to have in your back pocket for when you need them. Now it’s your turn … what kinds of non-registry, creative gifts do you enjoy giving? Will you please share with the rest of us? Thanks!


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