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30 days of newness – in review & for October

I will still share a few more creative gift ideas in next week or so, but wanted to talk about our 30 days of newness challenge. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, check out this earlier blog post of mine.

In short, it is harder for me to make many long-term goals as I get overwhelmed easily by them. However, if I make 30-day goals, I do much better, so I have started making various short-term goals (30 days, 1 week, etc.). At the beginning of last month, I challenged you to watch the video of the aforementioned post, then come up with some of your own 30-day goals.

My goals were to:

1. Not drink pop for 30 days.

2. Read for 20 minutes each day for 30 days.

How did I do? Well, I succeeded in one area, “failed” in another area, and learned a lot. Because of that last part, I consider my 30-day challenge to have been a success. Yippee!

Regarding the pop goal … well, for those of you who know how much I enjoy my Diet Pepsi and Diet Mt. Dew, you may be surprised to find out that the pop goal was the one I succeeded at! Those first days were hard – I found myself craving a pop in the afternoon, which was the time of day I would have usually had one. However, I learned that, although I really enjoy the taste and carbonation of pop, I was also depending on it to help me get through the afternoon. I probably knew that was the case, but didn’t want to admit that I, in fact, was psychologically addicted to pop. Yuck – I hate even just typing that! However, it’s true. As the month went on, I pressed on and even though I almost gave in on multiple days, I kept myself from doing so … and you know what I found out? I can make it through the day without the pop … can you believe it??!

As the month came down to its end, I thought about the pop I would have on October 1st and I remarked in jest to my husband that I would probably end up getting something like a 120 oz. one from a nearby gas station. And then October 1st came. And you know what? I really debated whether or not I even wanted that pop! I almost took my own temperature, wondering if I was sick. I decided that yes, I would enjoy it, and ended up getting a large Diet Pepsi from a nearby Taco Bell. It was … good. But not as heavenly as I remembered pop being. So, lest I fall off the bandwagon back into a habit I don’t want to perpetuate, I will again go the next 30 days without pop (Hooray for October having thirty-one days!) and then go from there. The whole experience made me wonder about other things I think I need to get through the day, when in reality, I don’t need them. Does any of that ring a bell for you? Maybe you want to join me in giving up one of those things for the next 30 days … think about it, but be quick about it!

Regarding the reading goal … this is the one I “failed” at. I probably read on about 1/2 or 2/3 of the days of September. But, I really enjoyed the days I did read and want to continue the habit as much as I can. I learned that I cannot wait until right before bed to read because I’m utterly exhausted by that time of the day. I learned that you can really get through books a lot more quickly and feel continually mentally connected to what you’re reading if you know you are going to get to read a bit each day. I look forward to sharing reviews on the books I was reading in September and would love some suggestions for books to read in October. Would you please take a minute to share some titles with me in the comments section? Thanks!

So, moving onto the next 30 days in October. What are your goals? I would love to hear them … maybe in some small way, it would help you to share with me/us what you’re doing to do so we can encourage each other in our goals. I’ll go first – here are my October “30 days of newness” goals …

1. Work at unpacking and organizing things in the house for 15 minutes/day.Β  We moved to this house 5 months ago and I still have a ways to go in feeling more settled – working in the house for just 15 minutes/day translates to 7.5 hours of unpacking/organizing! Think of how much you can do in 7.5 hours! Ooh, I am really excited about this one …

2. Go to bed by 10:30 pm. (gulp) I’ll be honest – this goal is intimidating to me. I count on that evening time after the kids go to bed to hang out with Shun-Luoi or for getting things done around the house. However, I also consistently stay up later than I want to and then kick myself for it. I think this goal will help me become more rested, enable me to get up earlier in the morning like I desire to, and overall be more disciplined with my time during the day.

3. Eat one sweet thing/day. (not including my iced coffee, which I put a little sweetener in) I tend to eat too many sweet things and I simply want to cut down on that. Now granted, my “one sweet/day” goal is somewhat vague and I could easily get around it by having one huge slice of cake or one bag of chocolate chips (which no, I would never do!) each day. I will have to think more on what exactly that means so that I can be true to that goal.

There – I’ve shared my goals. Now, it’s your turn! I realize that you may not want to share with others who may be strangers to you and that’s ok, but please – tell someone your goals. We all need accountability – someone to check in on us, lay the smack down on us when necessary, and be our cheerleader. Then, after you’ve shared your goals with someone … gooooo get ’em!! [insert me doing a split jump in cheerleader-like fashion for you]


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4 thoughts on “30 days of newness – in review & for October

  1. Great post- I really enjoy reading your blog!! My goals for the next 30 days (great concept) follow a theme of 2 πŸ™‚
    1. Work out 2 times a week (and I can’t count cleaning, although that is a workout in itself). I wasn’t sure I was ready to start this goal quite yet, but I want to challenge myself and start the journey to getting back in to shape after having 2 kids.
    2. Do the laundry 2 times a week. Okay, laundry is something I find myself putting off quite often and then I get this HUGE pile of dirty clothes and it looks overwheming so I continue to put if off until we have loads and loads to do. This also translates to putting away a bunch of clothes meaning a HUGE pile of clean clothes, which is also something we put off.
    p.s. kids have a lot of clothes πŸ™‚

    • So glad you like the blog, Rachel! Nice work on the goals – I’m sure you’ll start feeling even better as you exercise and won’t it be great to not have so many laundry loads to do at the same time – yeah! πŸ™‚ I look forward to hearing how it goes as the month goes on…

      p.s. I agree about kids having so many clothes! I have purged multiple times and have given away many of mine, but my kids still could probably stand to lose a few more outfits each. πŸ˜‰

  2. Love your blog Dawn! I also love this idea. My husband and I are getting on board and this month we are going sugar free. This doesn’t include fruit or sugar that is naturally in a recipe. It does include, candy, cookies, dessert etc. We thought this would be the perfect month to try it because we will finish with our goal on Halloween, just in time for the candy…if we want some;-)

    • Sunny, thanks for your kind words and for mentioning me on your FB page – fun! Great idea about sugar – I thought about that one, but decided on limiting it first of all. Good for you guys! I look forward to hearing about how it goes. πŸ™‚ Yeah for new goals!

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