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Give great gifts! (#5)

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Pancakes – it’s not just what’s for breakfast … it’s also the central part of today’s gift idea! I figured that I need to share a gift that revolves around food, because – hey, we’re Americans. We like to eat!

I think this idea could be used for wedding, Christmas, birthday, or other occasion gifts – I’ve also used it as part of a payment to someone for babysitting the kiddos. Translation = very versatile gift.

This gift involves several different pancake mixes and syrups arranged in a fun basket. Pick out a few of your favorite homemade pancake recipes (or search for some on One of my favorites to use is this recipe for Grain and Nut Whole Wheat Pancakes. Once you’ve decided on your pancakes of choice, mix up the dry ingredients in small clear bags – I use party favor bags from the party section at Wal-Mart. I tend to label each bag by sticking an address label with the pancake name on it. Arrange the 2 bags, along with a few fun pancake syrups and recipes of each mix on recipe cards in the basket. You can fill in the extra space with raffia or tissue paper to pretty it up a bit. That’s it – you’re done!

Be creative – you could come up with countless different versions of this gift … in the past, I have made up a breakfast-themed baskets by including homemade granola, pancake mix, and some teas or coffee. The different variations are endless!

I will be sharing just a few more gift ideas in the upcoming days, then would love to hear your ideas – get ready to share (c’mon, don’t hold out on us!).



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