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Give great gifts! (#4)

This isn’t a posting heralding all the things I love about the magazine, Real Simple (although it is my favorite magazine to date!), but it does have to do with magazines … oh, and also with giving great gifts!

This gift idea one doesn’t take a ton of craftiness or time like a few of the other ideas I have already shared, which might be a relief to some of you. So, if you’ve written off this whole gift series as “not your thing” because you’re not the “crafty type,” please … reconsider things and come back!

This idea is a frugal, fun, and different kind of gift idea … it’s a magazine subscription! I realize that you maybe only think about subscribing to magazines when the neighbor kid (or your own) has a fundraiser in which s/he is selling subscriptions, but it’s not just for fundraisers!

When Shun-Luoi and I got married, we were on a really tight budget, but also wanted to get our bridal party something fun and useful to thank them for being an important part of our big day. So, each groomsman got, among a few other things, a magazine subscription personally picked out for him. Did you know that you can go to and search different magazine subscriptions? You can! Go to the drop-down menu where you choose the area you want to search within and “magazine subscriptions” is one of the areas you can choose. You then can choose within different themes or from lowest from highest price, thus helping you find something that is affordable and meets the gift recipient’s interest. Several groomsmen got magazines about current trends/thought in technology, another got one about snowboarding, etc. – and each for $10 or under! As another example, a few Christmases ago, Shun-Luoi and I set a $5 limit for Christmas presents for each other – the guy somehow got a $5 subscription to House Beautiful for me in order to inspire me re: decorating our living area (something that doesn’t come easily to me). Brilliant idea! (and cheap … ahem … frugal!) As you can see, it’s not just the junk magazines you could potentially find for cheap, but good ones.

So, check it out … and give the gift of fun, year-round reading!


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