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Give great gifts! (#3)

I will get to the gift idea, but first – feast your eyes on this!

I know it’s a bit big, but the smaller picture just didn’t do it justice. This is the scene from our recent family vacation – we just returned last evening from 5 days away … we stayed in a motel for a few nights, camped for a few nights, took in beautiful scenes like this, and enjoyed the changing colors of the aspens in western Colorado. This particular scene was basically what we would wake up to after rolling out of our tent in the morning while camping near Crested Butte, CO. And it’s just a taste of what we saw! This, my friends, is part of the reason why we love living in Colorado.

We had a great time, but are glad to be back. And I’m excited to share the next gift idea!

Today’s idea is for a baby gift. It’s simple, but practical, and should hopefully take some pressure off of the mom you are giving the gift to. I don’t know about you, but as a mom, it’s easy to feel pressure to keep a running log of each new and fantastic thing that your child does every … single … day. And then if you don’t do it one day or you miss recording one milestone, then you get behind and then it snowballs and then … you feel like a bad mom. I have realized that, while I want to record milestones and pictures of my children, I more than that want to live life and make memories with them, not spend all of my time writing down things about their lives.

So – I heard this idea from a friend that you get a journal and commit to journaling one time each month and to help you remember to do so, it’s done on the date that is the child’s “birth” date. For example, Abigail was born on December 13th, so on the 13th of each month, I would get out the journal and jot down some things she’s been doing lately or just thoughts in general about her life. This idea has helped take the pressure off me tremendously – I now have a journal for each child and try to journal once a month, although I throw in milestones here and there in between those times of journaling. It’s not that you are bound to just journaling one time each month, but it’s the minimum amount and everything above and beyond is a bonus.

I now like to pass along the idea to new moms, especially first-time moms. I will buy a fun journal with colors/a pattern based on the sex of the baby (if known), and label the front with a piece of cardstock (or just by writing in the area that some journals supply), “Baby __________’s journal.” Inside the card I give, I share the above idea.

The end. Simple, huh? And it’s so much more than a gift of a journal … it’s the gift of taking the pressure off of new mamas. And that is a good thing.


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4 thoughts on “Give great gifts! (#3)

  1. Beautiful picture and good ideas!!!! Tucking the idea away for if I ever have kids. =)

    • Kristin! I recently checked in on you via your blog/website … I was saddened that you still have no shows in CO, but encouraged by the shows you have on your schedule! Awesome! Hope you are doing well in TX. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Katie M. on said:

    I love this! I started doing this for Mikyle when he turned one- it happened to be about the same time you mentioned you did this on the other blog- I thought- what a perfect idea!!!! Although, his 1st year isn’t journaled- the rest is! It is such a great idea!!! Thanks for passing it on!

    • You’re welcome, Katie! 🙂 Btw, I can’t believe how big/old Mikyle is now … wow! He is a handsome boy. Hope he’s feeling better now that some of his teeth have come through – poor guy.

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