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Give great gifts! (#2)

I read about day today’s gift idea at a friend’s blog (who got it from another blog). It’s a really awesome dry-erase board, personalized to match whatever room you want it to be in!

*photo credit: Lydia H.

You could use any kind of frame, but I have used simple, 12×12 frames from Hobby Lobby. All you do is buy a frame, buy a 12×12 individual sheet of scrapbooking paper, put the paper in the frame, buy a dry-erase marker, and viola’! A fashionable dry-erase board! You could buy the hardware to hang it up, but I think it could work out just as well lying flat on a countertop, etc.

When Hobby Lobby had a sale of 50% off most frames (which happens every other week, I’m pretty sure), I excitedly ran over and got 2 frames and 2 different patterns of paper. Well … although I loved both of them, we didn’t really have a place for them yet, so I ended up giving them away; one as a house-warming gift and one as a prize for a game I organized at a get-together with some friends. People seem to love it as a gift, so I wanted to share it with you … the cost for each was less than $6!

I think they could be a great gift for different age groups, for different occasions, or to be used in different ways. Go crazy! One idea I had for such a dry-erase board was to use it to hang in the kids’ rooms with different activity ideas written on it for those times I get in a rut and wonder what to be doing with the kids. You could also use it to keep a grocery list, meal-planning for the week, to share inspirational quotes, etc. Love it!

(Thanks to my friend Lydia for this great idea … and great gift idea!)


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One thought on “Give great gifts! (#2)

  1. I love mine (thanks to Lydia as well :)! I use mine as a weekly meal planner and just leave it flat against the wall so I can easily change the meal list each week. I put my dry-erase markers in a recyled can that I decorated next to it. I have also use it as a gift idea. 🙂

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