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Give great gifts!

I really enjoy giving gifts. And more than that, I really enjoy giving creative gifts. Now, don’t get me wrong – from time to time, I will actually buy something off a registry, if the occasion calls for one. However, I tend to look at the registry to look at what someone has chosen out of curiosity … and then put together my own gift. 🙂 I’ve realized in the past that it comes down to the enjoyment of creatively (and frugally, if possible) communicating with others … I love putting together packages, writing letters/cards, and giving gifts that communicate love, care, and fun!

In light of that, in the next week or two, I will be sharing some of my favorite creative gift ideas to give … I hope that the ideas may come in handy for you or inspire you to creatively come up with your own gifts (not that following the registry is all bad, mind you).

The first gift idea is a wedding gift, and one of my very favorite to put together. For this gift, you will be giving the couple date ideas, then supplying the items they will need to carry out some of the dates.

First, come up with some date ideas that are fairly low-cost. Make sure to come up with some in which you can include the items to make that date happen. Actually, this may be easier if I just go ahead and share some of the date ideas I give …

Date example #1: Plan an evening of culinary adventure! Research the foods of each of your nationalities, then create a menu that includes food items from both backgrounds. Enjoy a feast and learn more about each others’ culinary backgrounds. (I would not buy any gifts to go along with this date idea).

Date example #2: Show off your artistic ability (or lack thereof). Open gifts #1 and #2 and then head outside to some area that you both consider very picturesque. Create masterpieces and have fun making memories (and possibly laughing at your “art”) of the setting you chose to recreate in your art. (I would then buy a pad of drawing/painting paper and either some watercolor paints or pastels. I wrap them up separately, the label each present with the number(s) that correspond with the date idea).

Date example #3: Open gifts #3 and #4. After dinner some evening, enjoy an after-dinner mint and curl up with the book, while reading out loud to/with each other. (Gifts #3 and 4 would include a big box of Jr. Mints and a book. A fun book that I once included was the first book Shun-Luoi and I read together, Marley and Me.)

I include around ten date ideas. I type them up, mount each on a brightly-colored piece of cardstock paper, then enclose them all in an envelope that is marked to be the first thing the couple will open. I then wrap up each gift and mark it with the number that corresponds to the date idea each accompanies. About half of my date ideas will include gifts while the others will not. Some include gifts that total about $1-2, other gifts will cost around $5-10. You can do some really great date ideas and gifts for under $20 and the couple will really enjoy opening each gift. Have fun with it and give the gift of great dates! The couple will thank you for it.



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