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Letting our kids be blessings

Since having kids, I have thought off and on about this subject …

I sometimes think it is hard to allow our kids to be blessings to those around us.

We are so busy trying to keep them still, keep them obedient, keep them from breaking things, (you get the picture) that I think we forget that many people love kiddos, understand that they’re kids, and just are blessed by being around them.

Take our neighbor for example. “Mr. Brian” really likes Elijah even though one of our first times saying “hi” to him at his house while on a walk, he (Elijah) wandered up onto the front porch of his house and wandered back our way holding a hand-saw (!). Most people might have been slightly irritated at my son for getting into their things, but not Mr. Brian. He was first concerned for Elijah’s safety and then just marveled at Elijah’s sense of adventure and curiosity. We see Mr. Brian often and I’m serious when I say that I’m pretty sure he enjoys Elijah’s company more than mine … and I’m ok with that. Elijah is a blessing to us and I love that he is a blessing to others. However, I also see that I could easily squash that by not allowing people to see who my kids really are, disobedience and all. This is not to say that I allow my kids (well, one child – Abigail cannot yet walk!) to wreak havoc on my neighbors’ hand-saw and other belonging and let them run wild on others’ properties. In fact, we talk a lot these days about respecting other peoples’ property and about being kind toward others. However, I also try not to squash his active, silly little boy personality when we’re around others.

And Abigail …

How could you not be blessed by this girl … and those pig-tails?! We get so many comments from strangers about her pig-tails – they love them! We know they’re cute when teenage boys make comments to us … and that has happened multiple times. And sure, sometimes we’re in public and she cries and she gets antsy, but that’s part of her being a baby and despite that, people love being around her … and I need to remember that.

Our kids are gifts not only to us, but to those around us … let’s allow them to be just that.


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One thought on “Letting our kids be blessings

  1. You are so wonderful about getting Elijah and Abigail out for that fresh air and know your neighborhood experiences. What delightful photos and good sharing.

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