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30 days of newness

First of all – yes, in case you were wondering … “newness” is a word, no matter how awkward it looks. (I looked it up). πŸ™‚

Second, watch this video … it’s a short one. I promise.

One evening last weekend, my husband and I were sitting on our deck, looking out at the silhouette of the rocks at Garden of the Gods, and he suggested we watch this video. We did and then had a great discussion about why we may want to try to add and/or subtract some new things into/from our lives starting September 1st. We agreed that we liked the idea and especially liked that the goal was for made for just 30 days – it was very doable. As we talked, I realized that I can easily get overwhelmed when talking about 1 year, 6 month, or even 3 month goals. Because of that, 30 days is perfect. Definitely long enough to hopefully implement some new habits I would like to build into my life and short enough that I won’t be so incredibly overwhelmed that I’ll end up giving up after day #2.

But should I add things into my life or take them out just because? Because some guy on a TED talk said to? Because I think I should, even though I’m not sure I believe the same? I think if those are your reasons for making changes, you will fail pretty quickly because you don’t have the conviction of why you’re even making them. I want to make some of these changes for some of these reasons: to use my time more efficiently, to stop spending time on things that truly don’t matter, to push myself to try new things, and to break habits of things that are not healthy for me.

So … my goals for September?

1. Stop drinking pop. Sure, it sounds small, but I really enjoy pop (or whatever you prefer to call it) – that kick of carbonation, that little lift that it gives me when I’m exhausted in the afternoon … a cold, well-timed Diet Mt. Dew is something I really enjoy! But … I was drinking pop everyday which was costing money, was unhealthy (it’s amazing … I am trying to implement more natural and/or traditional foods into our diet, but I won’t give up pop, which is completely artificial?! Weird.), and was something I was looking to to help me “get through the day” at times. I don’t want to be dependent on an artificial substance for such a thing. And so – good-bye, pop!*

2. Read for 20 minutes/day. I love to read, but get sucked into the never-ending list of household tasks that are begging to be done. This way, I get to start plugging away at some books I want to read and now have a dedicated time to do so each day.

I’m not saying everyone needs to start some new things for the next 30 days – maybe you thrive when you set year-long goals. Maybe you need to set weekly goals. Whatever works for you, I would encourage you to figure it out and then take control of some bad habits you’ve allowed in your life and/or to start building some new habits into your life.

So, how about it? What new things will you try?


* I’m taking any suggestions regarding carbonated beverages you enjoy that could be a substitute for pop beyond natural sodas. Anyone?


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3 thoughts on “30 days of newness

  1. caleblazaro on said:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing, Dawn. I’m gonna take this seriously.

  2. Have you heard of kombucha from the Honken girls? Or Ruthann J? I’ve heard it’s a great fizzy drink for the afternoons. πŸ™‚

    • Erin, great idea. I have heard of kombucha, but had heard mixed reviews on it being ok for nursing moms, so I wasn’t sure about it. However, I think I need to look into it b/c a great fizzy drink AND a great probiotic drink? Sounds good to me! πŸ™‚

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