My Daily Roadtrip

Join the roadtrip!

I wouldn’t blame you if you had some questions as you ventured to this blog for the first time …

Well, let me take the liberty to impose upon you some of the questions that may have arose in your mind … and then go ahead and answer them.

* “Why am I starting a blog?” Well, there’s the whole thing about loving to write and loving creative communication in general. When I was little, I would write (or at least start) novels for the fun of it – oh and believe-you-me, they were stellar works of art! Ok, maybe not … but in elementary school, I did win a ghost-writing story contest that the St. Paul Pioneer Press was having. I won $25! It was big stuff. I am also a visual learner and processor – it helps me to see things in front of me, so I know a blog will be a great way in which to process life, etc. However, I don’t want to process life alone. I love to write, but I love living life with others more. I hope this blog will become a place where people can come together and throw around ideas, encourage each other to think differently, and inspire creativity in life within one another.  *as a disclaimer, I am not starting a blog because I think what I have to say is so important. Many people have much more important things to say, but just maybe I have a small something to contribute …*

* “Why should you read my blog?” I guess you’ll have to decide that. If this is just one more blog you frequent to waste time, then don’t read it. If you want to know what’s going on in my heart and mind and become part of an ongoing discussion about all things life, then … you may want to hang around for a bit.

* “What’s the name all about?” Recently, my husband and I were having a brainstorming session to figure out a name for this blog. We thought, we proposed, names were nixed, and others were entertained. I really liked the idea of including the idea of “roadtripping” in the title – after all, I thought, life can be compared to a big roadtrip – you live life with others, you go places, you stall out, you take detours, you relate deeply, you act silly, you get cranky, you fight … you get the picture. On another level, I am, in a sense, inviting you along on the roadtrip of this blog – if you’ve been on a roadtrip of any significance with others who want to converse, you know that some of the best conversations can happen on them. That’s what I want to happen here – good conversation. Hey, we may fight, we may get cranky, we may take a detour … but it’s all part of the adventure!



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